From a fragment of video taken of Liz Santoro unbeknownst to her, in Stereo we deconstruct and reconstruct an entangled fabric made of text and movement. The movement is produced on stage by Liz Santoro, through numerous filters and transformations, while Cynthia Koppe transcribes the corresponding text in real-time and from a distance.
What contact can be established between distant bodies? Which medium do we choose for which message? And which space do we inhabit in a speech disfluency? We seek to understand what the volume of a single body can contain, to measure the distance that separates us from ourselves, to confront a gaze with the responsibility and the pleasure of its choice.

Conception : Liz Santoro and Pierre Godard
In collaboration with : Cynthia Koppe
Interpretation : Liz Santoro
Medium : Cynthia Koppe
Space : Mélanie Rattier
Music : Greg Beller
Lighting : Laïs Foulc
Costumes : David Anselme
Technical direction : Titouan Lechevalier
Administration and production : Claire Guièze

Co-production Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Le Gymnase-CDCN Roubaix/Hauts-de-France, CCN Orléans, The Chocolate Factory Theater ; with the support of Arcadi Île-de-France and Atelier de Paris/CDCN.

Le principe d’incertitude is supported by DRAC Île-de-France and the French Ministry of Culture.

OCT 02 & OCT 03, 2020 | SCENE44 | Actoral | Marseille, FR
MAR 20, 2020 | Le Gymnase / CDCN | Le Grand Bain | Roubaix, FR
MAR 06 & MAR 07, 2020 | Théâtre de la Bastille | Paris, FR
JUL 23, 2019 | Teatro alla Misericordia | Kilowatt Festival | Sansepolcro, IT
MAY 25 & MAY 26, 2019 | MC93 Maison de la culture de Seine-Saint-Denis | Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales Seine-Saint-Denis | Bobigny, FR