What is identical? What is variable? What details are significant in what I observe, what I listen to? Do I see what I think I see? Where is the information?

Mutual Information is a duet in which the performers constantly play a game of trying to predict each other's choices: in space, in gestures, but also in costume choices, borrowed from numerous contemporary choreographers. The piece seeks to give the experience of a disturbance in our identities by staging two bodies grappling with the impossible task of succeeding in becoming the other. The piece meditates on Rimbaud's "I is another", through the mathematical concept of mutual information.

Conception · Liz Santoro and Pierre Godard
Performance · Jayson Batut or Jacquelyn Elder and Liz Santoro
Space and artistic collaboration · Mélanie Rattier
Music · Chris Peck
Lighting · Pierre Godard and Virginie Galas
Costumier · Catherine Garnier
Technical direction · Virginie Galas
Administration and production · Claire Guièze and Marie Ponçon
Diffusion · Manon Galinha

The costumes are ephemeral loans made possible by the generosity of the choreographers of the following works: Love (2003) by Loïc Touzé and Latifa Laâbissi ; Avalanche (2018) by Marco D’Agostin ; Diary of an Image (2014) by DD Dorvillier ; Stéréoscopia (2014) by Vincent Dupont (costumes by Eric Martin and Morgane Dufour) ; Costumes by Company Myriam Gourfink created by Kova for Contraindre (2004) & Passage, projets pour des endroits de passage (2014) ; Fase — Clapping Music (1982) by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (costumes by Martine André & Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker) ; $Shot (2000) by Jennifer Lacey and Nadia Lauro ; Concrete (2015) by Maud Le Pladec (costumes by Alexandra Bertaut) ; Twin Paradox (2013) by Mathilde Monnier (costumes by Laurence Alquier) ; Lointain (2007) by Alban Richard (costumes by Corine Petitpierre).

Coproduction Atelier de Paris/CDCN, CCNO Orléans, CNDC Angers ; with the support of Région Île-de-France and Centre national de la danse (CND). Le principe d’incertitude is supported by DRAC Île-de-France and the French Ministry of Culture.

MAY 5, 2024 | Espace Bernard Mantienne | Verrières-le-Buisson, FR
MAR 16, 2024 | Théâtre de Vanves | Festival Ardanthé | Vanves, FR
DEC 16, 2023 | La Piscine d'en Face | Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, FR
DEC 9, 2023 | Chaillot Théâtre national de la Danse | Paris, FR
MAY 06, 2021 | Atelier de Paris / CDCN | JUNE EVENTS | Paris, FR
FEB 11 & FEB 12, 2021 | CNDC Angers, Le Quai | Angers, FR
DEC 04 & DEC 05, 2020 | Atelier de Paris / CDCN | Paris, FR