Conception · Pierre Godard, Mélanie Rattier, Liz Santoro
Performance · Liz Santoro, Pierre Godard
Collaboration (related works) · Olivier Zeitoun, Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Douglas Eacho

The contemporary algorithmic tools available to decipher data and predict the future states of various systems are very often developed in the interest of establishing influence over our behavior. Through addictive interfaces, and by reinforcing our less imaginative predispositions, our attention is thus sold to advertisers or lobbies. The project we propose here aspires to be a counterpoint to this logic: using artificial intelligence to create space, and gaps, to dance hallucinations, to construct chimeras, to write emancipating invitations, as many possibilities of "new worlds" to ward off the dystopia that threatens us.
We have chosen to anchor this project to the Château d'Angers, and in particular to the Apocalypse tapestry that it houses. We are building a distributed, combinatorial and generative work, which can be deployed physically and locally in the form of installation and performance, but which is permanently active online.
We conceive of this work as a field of exploration and perceptive play using artificial intelligence algorithms contrary to their industrial use: to the control and the prediction of our desires, we aim to substitute an invitation to experience the infinite strangeness of our bodies and our languages, and the joy that this strangeness can initiate. This digital work also has a theoretical counterpart in the form of "related works" accessible on the same platform and offering an invitation to another network of experiences and knowledge.

The project is produced by the "Mondes nouveaux" program implemented by the ministère de la Culture within the framework of France Relance, in collaboration with the Centre des monuments nationaux.

MAY 13, 2023 | Château d'Angers | Mondes Nouveaux | Angers, FR
MAR 11 to MAY 13, 2023 | Château d'Angers | Mondes Nouveaux | Angers, FR
MAR 11, 2023 | Château d'Angers | Mondes Nouveaux | Angers, FR